Finally, stop searching. Join us to learn to confidently and effectively determine the root cause of your Autoimmune disease, chronic illness, weight loss struggles, or symptoms that just won't go away AND learn to heal your body from the roots up.

Are you tired of being the weird one or the picky one or the lazy one?

Just because you care an invisible issue that they can't understand.

How would you like to join:

  • a place where you can connect with others as you stop fighting your autoimmune conditions and start healing them?
  • a place where you can take all the bits of our healing journey and learn to weave them into your real life, so you aren't always on a mission to change or fix something?
  • a place where we can connect with other families and friends so we don't have to be the weird one or the picky one or the lazy one, just because we carry an invisible issue
  • a place that understands the journey of living with (and conquering) an autoimmune disease
  • a place that makes this kind of care and knowledge affordable and accessible

You CAN rebalance your body.


Does it sound scary? It might. Especially if you have been told there isn't any hope. Don't let anyone ever tell you your autoimmune condition, chronic illness, or undiagnosed symptoms are hopeless. Because it isn't hopeless. And I have created this membership as a place where we can connect as we stop fighting autoimmune conditions and start healing.

Why an Autoimmune Revolution?

Finally Understand Why

You don't have to be a medical professional to understand what is happening in your body.

Identify Root Causes

Stop masking symptoms and learn to the cause of your troubles so it can be addressed and balanced

Develop Balanced Habits

Learn the habits that matter for you so you can stop wasting time trying every new fad that comes your way

Find Your People

You get to be a part of a smalll community of people so you can stop feeling as if you are all alone. 

Ready to get to your root cause?

Hi there! I'm Audrey!

I'm so glad that you have landed here. I want to get straight to the point, my purpose on this Earth is to connect the overwhelmed, powerless, suffering to their inherent light, love, and power to achieve a transformation in body, mind, and spirit.

As you may already know, I do this by using my conventional and naturopathic medical background to help women achieve their very own Autoimmune Revolutions.


For years now, I have had clients and strangers reach out asking to connect with other clients to work together OR to have me as a "guide" for their journey without the expense of 1:1 appointments, this membership is the result of these requests.


I hope you will join us in your own Revolution! 




Since working with Audrey and the RCR Community, I sleep better, eat better all around more peaceful, thankful and at ease. Ease and joy is now my intention and I am really living it!


Audrey has the ability to motivate us and make rebalancing the body feel effortless. She knows her stuff and is gifted to help all of us reach our most optimal wellness potential. 


The Root Cause Revolution is brilliant. There is only goodness here. The solutions are so simple and practical, my journey back to wellness has been such an easy transition to make.



Video Modules + Assessments

Learn a simple step-by-step 5-step process of healing your body. They also serve as a filing cabinet so when you find something you want to try you will know at what phase it will work for you.

2 Monthly Live Group Q&A Calls

Get your health and wellness questions answered in your monthly Q&A calls. Submit questions in advance or join live to get access to qualified professional practitioner help you need.

Monthly Energy Healing Sessions

So you can fully become the healer in your home + human suit. Learn how listen to and understand the signals your body is sending you so you can stop fighting and find balance in your wellness.

Access to Private Q's

Do you have a private question? Access Audrey directly to have your private questions answered within a 2 day turn around window. 


Studies show us we heal better with the support of a community experiencing similar health situations. Join a small practitioner led supportive community.

Deep Discounts

Get access to practitioner quality supplements and labs of top-industry brands at practitioner prices - this alone more than pays for the membership.


Are you ready to stop fighting and start living? Join us for this jam-packed full of value and support membership program.

Monthly Membership

3-month minimum commitment



  • 5 core modules taking you through the 5-Phase (5R) process so you have the knowledge and tools to identify your root causes and rebalance your body to heal
  • Video + assessment library so you can manage anything that pops up
  • 2+ Monthly Live Q&A's so you can have your questions answered and learn from your community
  • Monthly Group Energy Healing Sessions so you can strengthen and heal your energy body
  • Access to ask Private Questions to your functional and integrative practitioner
  • Seasonal Nourishing 5-Day Cleanses (4 times per year)
  • A Membership Portal home base so you can access and refer back to classes/events
  • A small close-knit Community of Women that you can lean on
  • Discounts on Functional Labs and a wide-range of Wellness Brands so you have access to the top of the line practitioner grade products at the best prices

$75/per month

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!  3 month minimum commitment. Then you may cancel any time, but you won't want to.


Got questions? Feel free to email once you have reviewed these frequently asked questions below.

I already have a doctor/specialist/practitioner, is this still right for me?

I don't have a diagnosis yet, is this right for me?

I am having trouble losing weight, will this help?

I am taking medication, can I still participate?

I don't think I am "autoimmune" but I have issues that bother me will this help?

The Root Cause Revolution Membership is for anyone that has a symptom OR collection of symptoms that just won't go away. It does NOT matter if you have an official diagnosis or not or if what you think is going on is labeled as "normal" in some circles. Give this a try to get in tune with your body, realign, rebalance and conquer your wellness once and for all.

I have another question, can I ask you?

For sure! Please click the "need help" icon floating near the bottom left of your screen to submit a question. You can also reach out via Instagram DM @audrey_christie or via Facebook Messenger @audreychristiemsn

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